Damon is a Service Designer & Researcher who loves to find order in chaos. He strongly believes that good design is about finding the right angle to view the problem from. He is dedicated to the creation of experiences that are: humanistic, honest and unique.

His transdisciplinary background gives him the ability to assume the role of a mediator; speaking the languages of design, engineering and healthcare interchangeably. This breadth of experience allows him to support the design process from earliest research inquiry all the way to the final shipped product.

Damon is always interested in multi-touchpoint projects for clients with human-centered, values driven work cultures. His current work is focused primarily in healthcare, but is also passionate about high-performance industries such as wearable technology and athletic wear.

If you are seeking to: improve, rethink, audit, expand, or launch a service offering or product portfolio then please feel free to get in touch!

email hello@damonpfaff.com
ship 170 Elizabeth St, 4th Floor, RF Elliot, Toronto, ON
call 647-830-3878